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DEEP Sea California Rockfish (Catch Clean Cook)

Were in Southern California, headed out of Marina del Rey with Fin Fetish Charters! This video was from our first day of fishing, and we headed offshore to bottom fish for the variety of rock fish species that so cal has to offer. We caught vermillion, bosco, Mexican, chill pepper, cow cod, green stripe and other rockfish species. We were fishing in 500 ft of water with squid for bait. Rockfish are a declines species of saltwater fish. They have a white flaky flesh and can be prepared many different ways. I baked the rockfish with a lemon panic topping, with creamy roasted red pepper linguine and blanched baby broccoli!

►Check out Fin Fetish Charters out of Marina Del Rey, California
Capt. Brian Norris •

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Carlos Alvarez : I like how you remember everybody's name onboard when you're introducing them. It makes it seem as if you've been fishing with them for years.
frank hemmen : These meals are worth waiting for. Love the constant small details and fresh takes on each fish. Also like the care taken in catch, clean and preserve makes the meal.
TheNardizzle1 : I'm a So Cal born and bred guy and I love your channel! Thanks for coming out to visit our fishery!
james burke : You guys make us South Florida fisherman proud. Thanks for your excellent videos. Keep catching and cooking. Mike Burke
LowHangingNuts : I’m from Florida but I’m currently stationed in California, i love watching you catch the fish that I grew up with and it was awesome seeing you catch the types of fish that I target now! Keep up the great work!

FARMERS MARKET ROCKFISH. How to cook and what it is.

Pacific Northwest Rockfish, a great source of protein very good pricing.

Pan Searing Rock Fish

To view the next video in this series click: In this video, Barton Seaver shows how to make pan seared rock fish, including purchasing, breaking down and cooking the fish. He'll also show how to prepare a delicious pumpkin \u0026 pecan sauce to finish the dish.
Derek Walker : My first time cooking fish, I tried this recipe tonight and followed it exactly. The recipe works amazingly! It smells and tastes fantastic, the chef doesn't wonderful job of demonstrating and explaining the cooking techniques, And it's easy to learn from. I will be making this recipe again many time!
Matt Mercado : I got Rock Fish the other day at the market. It's the first time I've ever tried Rock Fish. The recipe was great and you explained how to cook it very well thanks! I actually really like Rock Fish its firm and has a good flavor. I'll try it again sometime!
Chris Coddington : I made this on a Weber grill with a cast iron skillet and instead of kosher salt I used sea salt. Results were awesome, my family ate it up! Thank you for the video.
Jenny Taylor : I'm a beginner in cooking fish. I tried this method last night with turbot. it was EXCELLENT. great video. Easy-peasy. :)
Tom Relth : Following your lead. (I could almost taste and smell as you went.) Nice job of teaching!




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