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CISSP Exam Cram Full Course (All 8 Domains) UPDATED - 2022 EDITION!

This video is the complete CISSP Exam Cram session covering all 8 domains of the exam, updated in 2022. Also includes details on "how to think like a manager", changes to the CAT format June 2022, and exam prep strategy guidance.

00:05:15 CAT exam format and changes
00:07:02 Exam Prep Strategy
00:07:49 How to "think like a manager"
00:22:55 Domain 1 Security and Risk Management
01:24:15 Domain 2 Asset Security
01:39:26 Domain 3 Security Architecture and Engineering
03:54:27 Domain 4 Communication and Network Security
04:56:58 Domain 5 Identity and Access Management
05:30:21 Domain 6 Security Assessment and Testing
05:44:56 Domain 7 Security Operations
07:07:48 Domain 8 Software Development Security

CISSP 2021 Official Study Guide (electronic edition)
-includes 1000 practice questions and flashcards online

CISSP 2021 Official Practice Tests

Presentation Downloads
DOMAIN 1!AmhtzcmYt5AViP0QIjR19_OCHj9wPw?e=oKLavC
DOMAIN 2!AmhtzcmYt5AViP0LFiKr6Gm6SB4uIg?e=ieWq3u
DOMAIN 3!AmhtzcmYt5AViP0PaGXqbjrb4t0r3Q?e=5oGVZa
DOMAIN 4!AmhtzcmYt5AViP0NFHPN50V_v2q04Q?e=EMvNpR
DOMAIN 5!AmhtzcmYt5AViP0M1A9ufN794U4b8Q?e=lXtFYj
DOMAIN 6!AmhtzcmYt5AViP0JAknxDdSxVSVEPg?e=a6Yuur
DOMAIN 7!AmhtzcmYt5AViP0K61z96albuGEORA?e=be3In8
DOMAIN 8!AmhtzcmYt5AViP0ONI9QBYq4ak8YgQ?e=esdxEN

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Trisha Durkin : Happy to share I provisionally passed the CISSP on Friday. I’ve probably listened to your videos a hundred times. Thank you for putting together such an informative and enjoyable training session!
Jonathan Knight : Four months ago I was a cook wanting to change my profession. Today I just provisionally passed the test. And this was the absolute biggest help in getting me to this point. I can’t thank you enough.
Adebusola Adetoro : Yay! I passed on 125 questions 30 mins ago. I listened to you a couple of times and this was what I needed. Thank you so much for making the concepts easy to follow.
Michael Smart : Must have listened and watching this video at least 20+ times! Thank you for creating so much free content. This review was a great foundation for my studies and I am proud to report a CISSP pass! Thank you, Pete!
Salieu Kanu Mansaray : Hi Pete, Just wanted to drop a Thank you note! I passed the CISSP first time last Monday 31st October. Your advice on so many issues was spot on. After acquiring my Security+ , I had spent a year preparing for the exams with books, videos, Test Preps, Boson, etc. I watched all your CISSP videos at least twice. The 8 hours Exam Cram was part of my final week's preparation. It helped to put me at ease.

One area I will want to help others on, is Exam Time Management. I did the 175 questions in 239minutes 30 Second! You will need to set your time markers very well. First 30questions, next 70 Questions (up to Question 100)! And the final 75 Questions! You will need to set your time limits for each of these set of questions. When I hit question 165, I looked at the clock and saw that I had time, so I paced myself on the 10 questions, to ensure that I gave them more thought.

Lastly I did not make time for a drink or snack break. I relied on two nutrients! Adrenalin and Oxygen! Remember to put your Breathing Exercises to good use! Breathe! Click Next! Read Question/Answers or Answers/Questions twice, cross out first two wrong answers, read question, cross out third wrong answer and Click the answer you are left with. Remember Arthur Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes: "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.."

CISSP Certification Course – PASS the Certified Information Security Professional Exam!

CISSP is one of the most valuable Cyber Security Certificates in the market today. This course will qualify you to pass the CISSP Exam.

✏️ The course was created by Mohamed Atef. A Cyber Security consultant and a certified instructor with 20+ years of experience in Cyber Security projects.

Check out more Cyber Security training at InfoSec4TC YouTube Channel:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00:05) Student Feedback
⌨️ (00:01:09) Introduction
⌨️ (00:07:50) Course Outline
⌨️ (00:22:16) Domain 1: Security and Risk Management.
⌨️ (04:05:28) Domain 2: Asset Security
⌨️ (05:27:33) Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering
⌨️ (08:38:42) Domain 4: Communications and Network Security.
⌨️ (10:27:12) Domain 5: Identity and Access Management.
⌨️ (12:13:29) Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing
⌨️ (12:48:37) Domain 7: Security Operations
⌨️ (13:00:11) Domain 8: Software Development Security

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Brian Vedette VA : Going through a bootcamp provided by the Army right now and gotta say this video is hitting all the marks that the course I'm going through is talking about too. Thanks for your time/course. Very useful for extra studying.
Maha Alrasheed : You have no idea how much this video has added to me! I owe you my career shift. You're awesome, please always do similar videos!
Noureddinbe noureddin : I love the instructor's practical approach. He will allways give you real practical information you will not find in any book.
A real unique approach. Thanks!
Billy Bailey : I'm already a CISSP, but this is an incredible resource and a great refresher. Thanks for posting!

#1 How to PASS exam Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP in 12 hours | Part1

#1 How to PASS exam Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP in 12 hours | Part1 | Full Course Training
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Arthur Eiseb : Hi E learning. Can you help with administration on the 2 CISSP courses to map out which sections go where.
Samir Afara : Great presentation
D D : Great video are slides available
Fahad Bawazir : Good I like that




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