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SIG 556 Classic Swat Model

Shooting and Showing the Sig 556 Classic Swat model. This is one of the best shooters we've had at the Compound. I just almost could not miss with it.
This particular rifle commemorates the NightStalkers: SOAR - Special Operations Aviation Regiment.
In the video I say "aircraft" instead of "aviation," but "aviation" is correct.
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DemolitionRanch : Love the Sig 556 rifles!
Martcapt : I love how hickok doesn't show the least bit of aggression when dealing with guns. It's the only gun channel I like in youtube because of that and many other things. Most guys tend to have that sort of pseudo military thing when dealing with guns, or the impression that they'd like to shoot somebody with it.
He seems he could cuddle a puppy with a round. If I'd have to be shot by somebody, I'd rather it be him. 
Jerry King : I just love the concept of Hickok45. Its not people with guns trying to be "operators". Its based on education and safety. Im always looking forward to the next upload! Kep it up!
Repzion : How does he get these guns? 
TexasGunNut : "Sig doesn't make junk." Amen to that

SG550 Rifle Series - Comparison in 20 Different Games

All content from this video and this channel is recorded and edited only by me. If you're asking how many video games I have, well, maybe over 250.
What weapon do you want next? Vote the poll!
Weapon Comparison In Video Games playlist:
Winterman : Tigerfield, I really appreciate the fact that you removed the slow motion part. I felt that it was unnecessary since you can just turn down the video's speed.
Robin : The CSGO one sounds like a Nailgun
BigFreakingCacodemon : Why do 3D artists insist on giving guns left-handed bolts?
Γιώργος Λυκούρης : What I thought people whould vote: AK-12

What they actually voted: AS VAL

What I voted: M1897 Trench gun
NolFaster : 0:01 Cs:Go (2012)
0:18 Battlefield 4 (2013)
0:40 Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2 (2012)
0:58 PayDay 2 (2013)
1:15 Rainbow Six Siege (2015)
1:32 Left 4 Dead 2
1:53 Crossfire (2007)
2:12 Battlefield hardline (2015)
2:32 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (2008)
2:52 Alliance of valiant arms (2007)
3:11 Counter-strike Source (2004)
3:24 Black Squad (2017)
3:40 Warface (2013)
3:57 Combat Arms (2007)
4:06 Zula (2016)
4:23 Battlefield 3 (2011)

SIG SAUER SIG556 Classic

SIG SAUER SIG556 Classic

Cartridge 5.56 x 45mm NATO

Guam Tactical Operation Shooting Range T.O.R.I
Sean S : So many things to laugh at.
Chris Eller : At least the video only started with 90 minutes of playing with rounds and we didn't need to see the shooter waking up, hitting the snooze button, making coffee, driving to the range...
Mainiac Archery : he looks like a ninja in slowmo , at least he has a cool rifle .
ValiXMA : that rifle handling ... you really can't do it wronger.
Remy : Good video to look back on after a couple years of training




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