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Aluminum C10 Silhouette

In this video you’re going to learn exactly how I do quick picture projects for my clients.
The current Project is of a C-10 truck silhouette done on aluminum.

With that, here’s what I’m going to cover in this video.

#1: First, I’ll show you how I import a .png format picture into Vectric Aspire software and then convert it into a vector drawing which allows me to manipulate without pixelating the picture. This also includes quick edits to the picture to allow my tooling inside certain areas of the drawing.

#2: You will also see the Avid CNC Pro Machine (8’x4’) in action. This Project is machined out of 6061 aluminum plate .25” thick. Using both a 1/8 and a 1/16 spiral single flute, ZrN coated aluminum cutting endmill.

All in all, this was a quick, fun project done in a day. And to my viewers, Stay Creative!

Vectric Aspire Software:

Avid CNC:

Tools Today:

My Website:

LĒVO C: Large Batch Herbal Infusion + Decarb Machine

LĒVO C is the only see-through, no-strain, and dishwasher safe solution with precise time and temperature controls for large batch infusions.

LĒVO C makes infusion visible and fun, and doubles as a transparent storage solution great for meal prep and stashing away those larger batches for whipping up something delicious further down the road.

• Easy setup and simple controls featuring Activate (decarb) and Infuse modes
• Infuses up to 1 liter (33.8 oz) of oil or butter at the touch of a button
• Jumbo Pod (1 oz) quadruples the herb capacity to infuse more potent oils
• Removable parts are dishwasher-safe; appliance wipes clean

• Heats and regulates temperature, giving you the exact infusion every time
• Touch screen user interface
• Infusion without aeration or blades, improving shelf life
• Basin doubles as a storage container
Shop LĒVO Canada:
Shop LĒVO Germany:
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Shop LĒVO Italy:

Join the LĒVO Love Club, a community of over 13K infüsiasts who share their LĒVO tips, tricks, recipes \u0026 more

Share your LĒVO creations with us on social media by using #LEVOmade and find us on all major platforms with the tags below:

H B : I’m getting one of these!
Tobias Ester : I can't find it on the website. Where do I buy from?
Toya Johnson : omg I need one in cream!!!!❤❤❤❤❤
Android doctor : When levo products in the u.k ???
Novel Azarov : La mejor parte es ver a CUMPUSSYY.Uno se da cuenta de lo locoe que es el fandom real.

The Amazing Beta Testers with Dale Haché - LongMill MK2

We have selected some of our customers to be beta testers for our LongMill MK2 CNC machine and to provide us with their feedback. We then asked them for an exclusive interview on their experience using the LongMill MK2. In this video, we interviewed Dale Haché of The Knotty Haches, where he talks about his experiences with CNC milling, the LongMill MK2, and the community and support available to him.

Watch the video to learn more about Dale’s review on the LongMill MK2 and his CNC journey.


0:09 Introduction
0:15 How Much Experience Do You Have With Cnc Milling?
0:41 Why Did You Get the Longmill?
0:52 Why Did You Choose the Longmill (Over Other Machines)?
3:47 How Was Your Experience With Using the Longmill?
5:09 How Were You Doing Your Craft/Work Before Having Access to a Cnc Machine?
5:38 How Has Using the Longmill Changed How You Do Your Craft/Work?
6:41 Who Would This Machine Be Perfect For?
8:31 Do You Have Any Thoughts or Things You Would Want to Share With Other Longmill Users?

Know the LongMill MK2


▸ Softwares

gSender l Sienci Labs

▸ LongMill Add-ons

Dust Shoe l Sienci Labs

TouchPlate l Sienci Labs

▸ Resources

LongMill Resources Page l Sienci Labs

Feeds \u0026 Speeds l Sienci Labs

Toolchain Software Helper l Sienci Labs

Checklist Poster




▸ Facebook Group |
▸ Instagram |
Dave Gatton : I got to see a LongMill in person a few days ago. Looks like a solid machine and a good bang for your buck.
D and L Hache : #LongmillForLife
Mr. P : I was disappointed...I thought surely he would go over the MK2!!! Basically it was a story about him and his journey...I am having a HRRIFIC time finding anything on youtube abut the MK2, it is all about the original machine...however, I guess I will find out since my MK2 is shipping next week!!!




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